Miley Mason | Welcome to my official website
Hi guys its Miley Mason

Ok, so I'm supposed to tell y'all about me, where to start? I guess i'll start from when I was little... I was born april 17,1990 in Atlanta Georgia. I was 7 pounds 9 ounces, 19 inches long, I had blue eyes and no When I was one, my parents divorced and I lived with my mom and her parents. I have a lot of brothers and sister, but I am the only child from my parents, though. When I was in school I always got picked on because I was a tomboy... lol. What? I like the mud - nothing wrong with that...

When I got in high school things changed. I was a varsity cheerleader and I also cheered on a elite team as well. I also did ballet, gymnastics, baton, ice skated and that's about it... I dropped out of
high school when I became really ill and almost died... but I didn't thank goodness! When I was eighteen, I decided that I wanted to do porn. I was very excited and started this website because
it would just be me playing with myself... And, I love what I do... I'm not ashamed of it...
Almost everybody in my life knows what I do even my mom and dad... Yes, they're ok with it... lol.

I don't know what else to really talk about other than I'm a very outgoing person and
I love to have fun no matter where I go. I'm very straight-forward. You either like me or
you don't -- there's no in-between. I say the truth no matter if it hurts or not.
Thats just how I've always been. No, I'm not mean. Lol. I can be if you piss
me off though. Lol. But, I'm always smiling and always like having a good time.
Someone told me once you never know who you're talking to, it could be
someone who can change your life. Soooo, I'm always nice to whomever
I meet. Unless, you lose my trust

I live in a little old town in Georgia. I love it because there's nothing
around here. I love the outdoors. My hobbies are mudding, wakeboarding,
partying, shopping, singing, dancing, working out, I like to go hunting and
play paint ball too. Lets see, what else I could say...
Well, I'm 5'4", 110 pounds, blonde hair and very petite.

Well, I think that kinda wraps it up. Hope y'all enjoyed...

Miley Mason



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